Bitmex Helper and the DOM-trader

DOM – Depth of the market or also known as OrderBook… Standard BitMEX OrderBook does not allow trading. It can only show what is happening on the market. But many traders would like to be able to trade straight from the it.

The new version of BitMEX Helper now has its own built-in DOM (OderBook), which corrects all the shortcomings of the standard but does not replace it. You can use both orderbooks at the same time.

For example, set up a standard DOM for a compressed view by 10 price levels, and a new Helper’s DOM will display all the details for each level. At the same time, you can trade via “Quick Buttons” under the new OrderBook. It allow you to do much more than the buttons of the standard Bitmex web interface – for example, sending orders quickly at the best ask / bid price. But it is even more interesting and more convenient for someone – now you have the opportunity to trade directly by clicking the mouse on the levels of the DOM.

And another nice little thing: the standard DOM shows only the levels that have your limit orders, and the new DOM shows both the stops and the limits at once.

Watch the video – and you will understand everything. It is better to include subtitles with translation, because the video is in Russian.

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