Bitmex Helper in Details: ChartTrader

One more of the possibility that ordinary users of the Bitmex exchange are deprived in comparison with traditional trading terminals is trading directly from the chart.

Bitmex Helper allows you to solve this issue. It may not be the most convenient way, but it’s better than nothing at all!

In the ChartTrader mode with this Chrome extension
– you can to “trade from the chart” through a graphic tool SHORT or LONG
– “one click send” orders are sent at once for all three orders (entry, exit by profit, exit by loss)
– if it is not necessary before the transaction, the data is sent to CalcTrader mode (video will be soon) for more accurate calculation of the number of orders
– if it is impossible to send any of the orders, it transfers the settings to the STANDARD mode (you can to see in the previous post)

In general – see for yourself. I recommend to include subtitles with translation, as the video is in Russian. Although much is clear and without translation just by the picture.

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